Maintaining a comfortable environment in your business facility helps keep workers happy. It can also improve the productivity of your employees. That’s why every business owner and facilities manager in Maryland, Tennessee, should consider the benefits of installing ductless AC in their commercial building.

Ease of Installation

Central HVAC systems require ducts to deliver conditioned air from the main system throughout your commercial building. New construction projects enable service technicians to insulate and properly seal ducts to protect them from leaks. They can also balance the ducts to ensure the system delivers an adequate volume of air to each room.

Older buildings often undergo alterations, such as adding or moving walls, that can make the original ductwork inefficient. Rather than installing new ductwork, you can easily install a ductless AC system to rooms that aren’t cooling properly. A ductless AC system only requires an inside controller with a fan that connects to an outside condenser via a small hole through an outer wall.

Local Control of Climate

Central air conditioning systems often rely on fixed thermostats that are a distance from the area being cooled. Therefore, they can’t properly maintain local temperatures throughout the building. You can install ductless AC systems in individual rooms, and each has their own thermostat. As a result, you can set each room’s temperature and rest assured that you’ll reach the desired comfort level.

Lower Cost of Operation

Modern ductless AC systems incorporate smart technology and refrigerants that are more environmentally friendly. Compared to air conditioners from just a handful of years ago, a modern air conditioner can enhance efficiency by more than 200 percent. Improvements in efficiency mean lower monthly electrical costs and a reduced carbon footprint for your business.

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