When you want to maximize the performance of your heating and cooling system, consider the benefits of having a programmable thermostat installed in your home. In fact, if you are considering a new furnace installation, a programmable thermostat can be the ideal way to get the most from its high efficiency benefits. Today, Knoxville, TN residents can rely on the professional services we offer at Stanley Best Heating and Air to provide all types of furnace and air conditioner installation, as well as the installation of one of our best programmable thermostats.

As a leading AC contractor in Knoxville, TN we take pride in offering a wide range of heating and cooling services. However, we also understand that in order to get the most from your new AC or furnace installation, it is important to choose the right control or thermostat for your system. Of course, one of the primary benefits of choosing a programmable thermostat is that you will be able to adjust your home environment with ease. In fact, many homeowners enjoy the convenience of being able to program their thermostat to provide the heating and cooling necessary for various times throughout the day.

We offer a complete line of exceptional thermostats and controls that can easily be programmed to maximize the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Whether you want to ensure that you home is comfortable when you wake in the morning or you want the ability to control your home environment remotely, there is a perfect control or thermostat to meet your needs.

One of our most popular programmable controls is the ComfortLink™ II.  It gives you the ability to have all your comfort controls at your fingertips by connecting your matched Trane system, giving you complete comfort and the latest in component design.  Other than monitoring your indoor and outdoor temperatures, the ComfortLink™ II also ensures your energy efficiency is at its best by keeping you up to date when you should schedule routine maintenance and change your air filters.  Another popular option is the XL900, which allows you to connect all your major components through ComfortLink™ II technology and offers you reliable operation and effortless programming.

As a professional AC contractor we offer the very best when it comes to the installation of your new air conditioner or programmable thermostat. Whatever your heating and cooling needs might be, we have a team of professional service technicians with an outstanding record of delivering the very best service possible. At Stanley Best Heating and Air we take our customers needs very seriously. Give us a call today and see how we can give you the very best in air conditioner installation and thermostat control.