Are you plagued by allergies but don’t know why? The air inside your home may have something to do with it. Even with beautiful country scenery outside your door, did you know that the air inside your home in Alcoa, Tennessee, can be up to five times dirtier than the outdoor air? Pet dander, dust mites and pollen can exacerbate and cause respiratory symptoms. Although there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, there are steps you can take to improve indoor air quality.

Change Your Air Filters

Clean air filters are your first line of defense against indoor air pollutants. They remove offending agents from the air, leaving your home fresh and clean.

Dirty or clogged air filters can result in unhealthy indoor air quality and cause HVAC malfunction. If you have pets or live in a more polluted part of town, you should change your air filters every month.

Use an Air Purifier

Even the cleanest of homes can still have unhealthy indoor air quality. Air purifiers with HEPA filters clean and purify the air that’s circulated in your home. They’re particularly helpful for people who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Schedule Routine HVAC Maintenance

If you neglect routine HVAC maintenance, you can worsen your home’s indoor air quality even more by a buildup of moisture. Excessive moisture often leads to microbial growth, which causes allergic and asthma-like symptoms.

Clean air isn’t only necessary; it’s vital to your well-being. The most effective way to improve indoor air quality is by eliminating the sources of pollution. Contact Stanley Best Heating & Air, Inc. at 865-982-4544 to learn more about your can improve indoor air quality in your home and live a healthier life for many years to come.