A high-quality heat pump installation is an investment that yields favorable results. It provides homeowners in Alcoa, Tennessee, with a range of benefits that you can factor into its initial cost. You’ll see a quick return on your investment when you hire a service technician to install a heat pump inside your home.

Benefits of a High-Quality Heat Pump Installation

There are three types of heat pumps: air-to-air, water source and geothermal. Heat pumps collect heat from air, water or the ground around the home. Here are the five benefits from a high-quality heat pump installation in your home:

  1. Improved energy efficiency
  2. Lower energy costs
  3. Heating and cooling capabilities
  4. No toxic emissions or fumes
  5. Better indoor air quality

A heat pump lasts longer than a central heating and cooling system. A high-quality heat pump installation also adds to the value of your home. A system maintained by a professional is considered an asset to home buyers.

How Long a Heat Pump Installation Takes

A heat pump installation done by a professional installer can take four to six hours to complete. It depends on the type of heat pump system you’ve selected for your home. It may take days to complete if you have complex ductwork.

Caring for Your New High-Quality Heat Pump

On average, a heat pump lasts 15 years when maintained by a professional HVAC service technician. Location and the type of pump factor into its life expectancy. There are things you can do to ensure that it lasts a long time.

You’ll want to clean and change filters at least once a month, and follow the manufacturer’s directions for care. The service technician who installed the heat pump should inspect it periodically to make sure there aren’t any obstructions in the ducts, filters, blowers and indoor coils. During the maintenance service, they can also lubricate the motor and check all the belts for wear and tear.

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