Your HVAC system is one of the hardest working appliances in your Maryville, Tennessee, home. Air conditioners are a vital part of your home comfort system, so knowing the signs of trouble is important. Here are three potential reasons your AC system is making noise:

Loose Parts

Over time, your AC system may develop loose parts. While these don’t always spell disaster for your home’s climate control, they can be extremely annoying. Loud knocking, banging or buzzing can indicate you have a loose part. These are often easy to fix, as long as the looseness isn’t caused by a faulty part or a larger overall issue. To avoid injury and further damage, enlist a professional to inspect your system.

Faulty Compressor

The compressor in your climate control system is perhaps one of the most important components. It’s responsible for pressurizing the air inside your unit and keeping the refrigerant flowing to ensure proper cooling. If the compressor breaks down or starts having issues, you’ll have problems keeping a comfortable home.

Depending on the cause, you may hear clanking, buzzing or banging if your compressor starts acting up. You need to fix issues with your compressor as soon as possible. Otherwise, your system will perform poorly and waste energy. Faulty compressors increase your utility bills because of reduced efficiency.

Frozen Unit

While not common, your AC system can freeze up when it runs for long periods of time. As it works to cool the air in your home, that cooling process can lead to ice forming inside your unit. You’ll often hear a loud buzzing noise if this happens.

Luckily, there’s a quick fix that’s typically successful in solving this problem. Just shut your unit off for a few hours to allow the ice to dissipate. However, if this happens frequently, it may be time to contact a professional.

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