For the average American household, nearly 50 percent of the energy bill is related to heating and cooling. Here in Maryville, Tennessee, where the summers are sticky and the winters are colder, it’s likely that you use your HVAC system for most of the year. A geothermal system can save you a lot of cash during that time.

Geothermal Systems Tap Into the Earth’s Energy

Whether your HVAC system is heating or cooling, the air that the system pushes through your home is coming from the air outside. In the summer, when you need cool air, your system has to pull in the hot air and cool it before dispensing it. In the winter, when you need to heat your home, the process reverses. Your HVAC system uses a lot of energy to heating or cooling that air.

The earth’s soil absorbs about 50 percent of the sun’s solar energy, and this keeps the ground below the surface at a stable temperature. The soil beneath the surface doesn’t get extremely hot in the summer or cold in the winter. As a result, a geothermal HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to provide comfort.

Geothermal Systems Are True Smart Technology

A geothermal system utilizes an underground piping system, also known as a loop, that transfers water back and forth between your home, the ground and a heat pump. In the summer, this system draws the hot air out of your home and runs it through the piping system, where the ground naturally chills it. The loop absorbs the cool ground water and uses it to make your home feel cooler. Geothermal HVAC systems are 400 percent more efficient for traditional air conditioning units.

Geothermal Systems Helps You Go Green

Whether or not you’re an environmental activist, going green makes a lot of sense if it saves you money. On top of being good for the environment, geothermal HVAC systems save users between 20 and 70 percent on heating and cooling costs. In short, geothermal HVAC systems are good for your pockets and the planet.

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